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'Starweb' now available from Amazon!

'Starweb' joins  'Minds of the Empire' , 'Dominator'  and 'Third Player'. All are available as Kindle 'E-books'!

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First published in the UK in 1995 'Minds of the Empire' was self published by Warren James Palmer. 'Minds of the Empire' reached the top of the UK SF charts and became a best seller.

Warren went on to publish two more UK 'bestselling' titles in the Dyason series.'Dominator' and 'Third Player'. All under the banner of his own publishing company - 'Ripping Publishing'.

During the mid 90's Ripping publishing went on to publish other titles and works from new authors.  All the title's successfully followed the genre of 'Ripping Adventure'. However, storm clouds were looming...

In those days of the embryonic internet, Ripping's titles were sold exclusively in UK high street bookshops. But times were changing, the UK's largest book stores made a policy change which excluded the titles of small independent publishers from it's bookshelves. Overnight 'Ripping Publishing' lost it's route for sales....

And for a few years, that was that.... Warren went on to become a web developer and continued his photography career. The world kept turning, the internet became ever more powerful, and Warren's family got bigger...

Over the years 'Minds of the Empire' and the Dyason gathered 'cult' status. Warren kept being approached by readers looking for the unfinished 'Starweb' - the fourth book in the series.


'Starweb 2021 and Minds of the Empire' 2017

Fast forward to today and Warren has decided that the time is right to publish once more, as 'E-books' and 'Print on demand' the original 'Dyason' series. 

The manuscripts for 'Minds of the Empire', 'Dominator' and 'Third Player' have been prepared as 'e-books' and set up for 'print on demand'. Self publishing pays!

These cult bestselling titles will be available via Amazon, the 'Ripping Website' and other online distributors.

And of course, the title that everyone has been asking for all these years..... is waiting in the wings, ready to launch. 'Starweb', the unpublished sequel to the 'Dyason' series, is now available from Amazon!

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First published in 1995, 'Minds of the Empire' and the 'Dyason' series have become cult classics o…

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